Tea House Garden Project - Day 1

First, a bit more information on the project. This is the layout as planned:

Thursday February 8th: Day 1

The final planning meeting was held at the tea house garden site with master gardener Hoshino-san guiding the design session. He has asked Kezurou-kai USA to develop a plan and drill the pillar stones and provide stainless steel all thread (12mm)  to be set on Sunday (Feb 11). This requires that we decide the size and placement with him in the coming days and work towards a final design by the mid-week (Wed. February 14th). The issue is the amount of excavation to create a level space for the garden pathways and the machiai structure and waiting area.

Hoshino-san made it abundantly clear that Kezurou-kai USA would be their (Ogata Kai) partners in the final creation, and we need to coordinate each day with links to the work being done, so that all volunteers from our groups can mesh their labor over the next six days. He said we are doing 200 man hours of work in six days so the knowledge of what comes next is critical to the final process.

After the meeting on-site we parted ways and Hoshino-san and his crew of six professional gardeners went to Peninsula Landscape Supply to look for the small stones used at the drip line of the tea house. They planned to sort through four or five tons of cobbles to find the stones appropriate shapes.

Below you can see the staked location of the machiai in the foreground. You can also see that there will be a substantial amount of excavation and grading to be done in the coming days. 

Day 1 condition of garden site. Shogetsu-an tea house in the background.

Day 1 condition of garden site. Shogetsu-an tea house in the background.