Kezurou-kai USA 2017 Videos

The Kezurou-kai USA event for 2017 was held in Oakland, CA on October 20 and 21. These two videos will give you some idea of the what went on and the range and depth of the many speakers and participants who joined us. 

We were very fortunate to have photographer and artist JP Li on-hand every day with his assistant, Jose Loyola, filming many hours and scenes at the event. Their hard work filming and editing is now complete and we urge you to take a look at the result. Special thanks to Sayuri Suzuki-Schreiber for making this film possible.


And, despite his many other duties at the event, Kezurou-kai USA President Karl Bareis was able to record a lot of key moments and presentations. He soon assembled the highlights into this video for you to see, hear, and enjoy.