Kezurou-kai USA is a diverse group of designers, builders, and makers with a deep interest in learning and perpetuating the practice of hand tool woodworking. Much of our inspiration comes from traditional Japanese woodworking, architecture, and construction.  We are continually humbled by the depth and ingenuity of the highly skilled toolmakers, suppliers, and artisans involved with the traditional woodworking trades of Japan - and those using the same tools, know-how, and skills right here in North America. 

Uniquely, there is a history of using Japanese construction methods in North American architecture, furniture, and design that dates back to the Issei (first generation Japanese immigrants) who brought their tools, techniques, and expertise to our shores over a century ago. Today, Kezurou-kai USA works to support and promote this tradition of excellence by our efforts to introduce, train, and challenge interested individuals who want to make hand tools and techniques central to their work.


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