Photo: Karl Bareis (all rights reserved)

(Kamijo-san, President, Kezurou-kai Japan. Planing finals, 2015.  Kobe, Japan)

The first gathering and tournament of Kezurou-kai Japan was held in Nagoya in February 1997.  The organization was formed to foster preservation and ongoing interest in all aspects of traditional Japanese woodworking culture, focusing especially on handtool use and the support of tranditional tool makers.  At annual and semi-annual gatherings, along with various demonstrations of traditional techniques, the headline event is a planing competition where participants attempt to plane the thinnest full-width wood shaving with a traditional Japanese kanna.  With this tool -- a blade and block of wood -- winners achieve shavings in the 3-7 micron range (less than the width of a single cell), highlighting the exquisite sensitivity of these ancient techniques.

Kezurou-kai USA is proud to be recognized by Kezurou-kai Japan as an official friendship organization.