Los Gatos Highschool and Hakone Gardens

Left to Right: 1. All participants in the 2016 Kezurou-kai Event. 2. Kezurou-kai USA Board of Directors and Masaru Kamijo, President of Kezurou-Kai Japan.

Left to Right: 1. Takeshi Shimodaira at work hewing one of the recently cut redwood logs. 2. Master of the chouna (adze) Norio Hata shaping one of the parts of the arbor. 3. Carpenter Shohei Araki at work on the Hakone Estate & Gardens' redwood arbor with a chouna.

Master blacksmith Yuji Funatsu shows how the yariganna is used to finish a beam.

Left to Right: 1. Masterful Hiroko Sakai at work on a melon. 2. The finished work of Hiroko Sakai attracted a lot of attention. 3. Part way along, this soap carving shows more of the deft carving skills of Hiroko Sakai.

Isamu Muto challenging visitors with his intricate kumiki puzzles. Visitors work hard to figure out the secrets of the puzzles.

Kuniyoshi Sakai demonstrating proper sharpening techniques and supplies. To the right are some of the shaping tools and work in progress of Kuniyoshi Sakai.

Left to Right: 1. Ryosei Kaneko carefully trims half of a large joint. 2. Ryosei Kaneko laying out joinery on a redwood beam. 3. Toby Hargreaves ripping a tenon on one of the beams for the Hakone Estate & Gardens' arbor. 4. Jason Forster at work on part of the HE&G arbor.

Left to Right: 1. Hiroko Muto creating floral art from the plane shavings. 2. Cedar shavings as arranged by Hiroko Muto. 3. Chiyoko Funatsu creating a small blossom. 4. Dye was used to color some of the shavings.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. Eventual contest winner Hiroshi Sakaguchi starts one of his final passes. 2. Andrew Hunter getting in some last minute practice. Andrew took second place in the contest. 3. Kanna master Masaru Kamijo prepares the contest beam for the finals. 4. Finalist Jude Noteboom preparing for the contest. 5. Kiyo Hagiwara (the 2015 planing contest winner) taking a practice pull. 6. Dai Ona peels off a shaving during the contest. 7. Gordon Long on his way to the final round. 8. Saben Murray pulls a good looking shaving during the contest. Masaru Kamijo assists. 9. Ann Jordan takes time out from her many roles at the event to try her hand. 10. Isamu Muto adjusts an o-ganna. 11. Kazuharu Mizushina takes a cleanup pass to prepare the beam. 12. A wood shaving from the planing contest. 13. The final results of the Kezurou-kai USA 2016 planing contest. 14. The judges conferring during the contest.

Left to Right: 1. Fumiyoshi Yamamoto adjusting the o-ganna before making another pass. 2. O-ganna (large plane) pro Fumiyoshi Yamamoto pulls a wide shaving as Masaru Kamijo lends a hand. 3. Kamijo-san carefully flattens a beam.

Hiroshi Sakaguchi laying out the waritsugi joint on 2 beams to be joined end to end. To the right is the Shinto torii that was assembled at the event.‚Äč