Planing Competition

Chisels or "Nomi-nomics" - Matt Connerten
Nomi-nomics: getting the most from Japanese chisels a discussion regarding best practices for the care and use of Japanese chisels. Nomi (chisels) are the most basic, primitive tools on a carpenter's tool kit. That being said, there is, as is so often the case, much more to them that meets the casual glance. In this talk I will discuss the various types of common nomi, how they are constructed and how to prepare them for use. I will provide handouts, including a sketch of nomi noting parts and considerations for set up and sharpening.  


Sharpening & Blade Back Conditioning - David Bassing
Sharpening with water stones and conditioning and flattening the backside by tapping out and use of kanaban. If people bring blades that need work a hand crank grinder will be available to get the bevel established and further work on backside and sharpening will be done.  

Roof Layout & Use of Japanese Square - Ryosei Kaneko

Japanese Plastering DemonstrationYoshiyuki Oyama-Shikoku

Hip Rafter Corner Joinery - Toby Hargreaves & Mark Van Haltern
A demonstration and explanation of the cutout and layout of the busiest intersection of timberframe joinery.  

Chisel & Plane Blade Maintenance - Jay van Arsdale
Effective methods of URA DASHI- "tapping out" the hollow grind present in all laminated cutting tools needed to be restored after grinding has removed the 'land' on the back side of the blade. hands on time as time permits. 

Planes & Planing - Mike Laine
The Japanese hand plane has a reputation for being highly complicated, impossibly fussy, and very difficult to use. But really, how hard can it be, there’s only three parts? Mike would like to help de-mystify this tool, and have you own it, rather than the other way around. We will explore the three parts, how to maintain them, and contemporary approaches to sharpening and use. Ever wondered if the plane is at the end of its evolution?  

                         Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA  -  10/31/15

Layout & Irregular Timbers - Ryosei Kaneko
Ryosei will demonstrate use of a story pole-table to layout round and irregular timbers in3-D position.  

High-angle Planing for Difficult Woods - Jay van Arsdale
Short discussion and demonstration of the effective use of high angle single blade planes for difficult grains in hard /soft woods. hands on time as time permits. 

Basic Joinery Techniques - Jay van Arsdale​
Talk/demo covering the basic approach of using the 5 reductive processes with chisels and ryoba to make the shapes that define compression fit joinery. concepts and examples of bundling these simple processes into the complex shapes required and developed to make interlocking joinery members will be explored.